DR PROJEKT- surplus & expired chemicals BUYER

DR PROJEKT- surplus & expired chemicals BUYER

About Us

DR PROJEKT supports global companies by buying their SURPLUS & EXPIRED CHEMICALS. We are interested in buying: - all types of surplus chemicals (inorganic and organic), slow-movers, off-spec & expired raw materials - production leftovers, side streams, by-products - pure metals & chemicals based on: Co, Cu, Mo, Ni, Se, Sn, Zn, Mg, Ag, I, Au, Pt, Pd, Li, Hg. Above list is not complete. Please offer us anything you want to resell. From September 1, 2019, we have the pleasure to represent METCHEM B.V. in Poland. www.metchem.nl



 I offer from my warehouse in Poland:

- ammonium persulfate - 2660 kg (133x4x5kg)

- paraformaldehyde - 625 kg (25x25kg)

- diisopropylether - 100 liters (10x4x2.5 liters)

- t- butanol - 55 liters (22x2.5 liters)

- propyl paraben sodium 875 kg (35x25kg)

- Na Methylat krist. 390 kg(39x10 kg)



Adres: Grottgera 16/844-100 Gliwice Poland

Tel: +48601089835

NIP: PL6312201941