DR PROJEKT- surplus & expired chemicals BUYER

DR PROJEKT- surplus & expired chemicals BUYER

About Us

DR PROJEKT supports global companies by buying their SURPLUS & EXPIRED CHEMICALS. We are interested in buying: - all types of surplus chemicals (inorganic and organic), slow-movers, off-spec & expired raw materials - production leftovers, side streams, by-products - pure metals & chemicals based on: Co, Cu, Mo, Ni, Se, Sn, Zn, Mg, Ag, I, Au, Pt, Pd, Li. Above list is not complete. Please offer us anything you want to resell. From September 1, 2019, we have the pleasure to represent METCHEM B.V. in Poland. www.metchem.nl


We currently offer:


Disponil FES 77 220kg

Carbofoil L200 4500 kg

Green phpshoric acid in IBC's (agri grade) 22MT

   Edgel 05 – 4,800kg

   Polygel CA – 7,256kg

   Carbopol 99620 – 9,195kg

   Nipest 40 – 700kg

   Aqupec SW 705E – 774kg

   Ammonium Carbonate 4225kg

CPE 135A 5% Kreide 4100 kg

Richon DPTT-OP 5000kg

Ethylacrylate 1850kg


Mono Ammonium Phosphate with 5% aluminium sulphate inside 75mt

Versagel MC 1600 2545kg

Sodium tert-Butoxde, CAS 865-48-5 - 800 kg

Magnesium Oxide 4195 kg



Adres: Grottgera 16/844-100 Gliwice Poland

Tel: +48601089835

NIP: PL6312201941